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    15F - Installed new ride plate, now this

    Took the ski out for a test run today. Just installed the new R&D ride plate. Water was pretty choppy, wind was blowin. First run GPS'd at a touch over 64mph. I was thinking, Great, smoother water and I'll hit 65, maybe 66! Next few runs 61-61. Hmm, must have hit a smooth spot when I hit 64.

    Then all hell broke loose. Ski all of a sudden reved up slowed down and vibrating like crazy. I hoped I just sucked up a piece of something, or my siliconed in rideplate wasn't sealed right. Worse thought was my plate came unbolted. Brought it home and used a flash light and saw what I thought was a piece of plastic stuck. Crawled underneath with my flashlight and found this. Oh shit.

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    Luckily, I haven't installed my new pump yet, thankfully. Also noticed my nosecone isn't on the impeller.

    So what kind of warranty do these Solas impellers have. I got it from Impros last September and have only ridden it about 10 times and about as many hours, since I installed it. I plan on calling Dave up tomorrow. Should I go with a Skat-trak, I have read about a few Solas doing this.
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    What model ski do you have? I have a 15F & have had 2 Solas impellers do this. Both were worked on by Impros, the first one had been repitched twice so I wasn't surprised, but the second one was bought new from Impros & was not repitched. The first time it happend the blade went through the side of the pump & the second time was last month, it didn't damage my new pump, but did grind some material away from the pump part attached to the hull, but didn't affect performance. My spare prop I am using now is one from Impros that was redone with the standard finish, I am hoping it doesn't happen again. Also don't use the aluminun nose cones that come with the props, they always ride up the driveshaft for me, I use the rubber ones, they stay in place.

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    I have a 2005 15F.

    I finally pulled the pump last night, what an ugly sight. I am just so glad i hadn't replaced the pump yet. I have a 2012 Pump and bearing set up ready to bolt in. Not really sure why I didn't put it in over the weekend, I think I just wanted to see the difference the ride late made first.

    So did Impros take care of you? I called them yesterday and they asked to see pictures. Since I had the prop on, I have never sucked anything up the intake, so i know it shouldn't be because of damage.

    What prop did you like best? This one is a stock Solas 14/20, but not sure what I'll go with next. I am hoping to get max top speed without losing the bottom.

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    here are a few shots of it once I pulled the pump.
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    Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	308951 Looks just about like my impeller, I did not call Impros, I had purchased the impeller last fall & installed this spring, I don't know what their warranty policy is or if they even have one, let me know what you find out. I have tried the following impellers 14/21, 13/19, 14/20 & 13/20, the 14/21 is too much prop, poor low end & no gain in top speed, the 13/19 has outstanding low end & more top speed than the 14/21, the 14/20 had less low end, but more top speed than the 13/19 & my preference is the 13/20, it has the low end of the 13/19 & has the same top speed as the 14/20. In all this testing I was not able to test the stock prop, as when I bought the ski it was damaged beyond repair.

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    Wow, they look the identical.

    I bought the impeller last September and installed mid month. I have about 10, maybe 15 hours on it.

    I don't see the 13/20 on the application chart, was it a repitched 13/19 or 14/20?

    I am not sure what Impros policy is, I found the warranty info that came in the SOLAS box and its states a one year warranty against workmanship and material. I would think this should qualify. Now just waiting for them to call me back.....

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    I forgot to ask, since you like the 13/20, are the only mods to your ski the Ride Plate and Air as listed in your signiture?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kawa900stx View Post
    I forgot to ask, since you like the 13/20, are the only mods to your ski the Ride Plate and Air as listed in your signiture?
    A pump wedge is the only other thing I have added, it helps maintain speed with a full tank of fuel, didn't seem to make much difference with low fuel maybe a couple tenths. The 13/20 was listed on Impros website, it may be a repitched from a 14/20, there are small marks moving up each blade which looks like repitching.

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    when i had my stx-r i only used skat trak from impros. a few different pitches but even 7-8 years ago the solas props were doing same thing..

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