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    questions with new Solas

    04 rxp and 2011 rxp x .. putting new wear ring in with a new Solas impellers and riva pump wedges

    first question is we got the wear ring and impeller installed and tight but when I turn it a couple of the blades just barley knick the wear ring and put a tiny small scratch in the ring even though you can turn it by hand freely u can also feel it touch the wear ring. are these really that tight and one we start it in the water will it seat itself so to speak and be ok ?? or can it not touch the wear ring whatsoever.

    second question is can someone tell me how the put the sea doo OIL not grease for the nose cone in the nose cone and install it. our dealer told us to use the brp oil not grease for the cone as the grease gets packed into the cone and doesn't lube the bearing,??????? also mentioned something about using a saringe to squirt the oil In??? no idea there..

    and when we took the wedge out of the 04 I seemed to have like a silicone sealer on both sides of it? our dealer said there's a gasket for it? but I'm not talking about the pump seal, I'm talking about we're u split the pump in half and thos little o ring are in there do u half to deal that and if so is there a special gasket from sea doo or do u make your own and what do u use ??

    thank you

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    im no expert but i would imagine you need some answers if youre posting at 2am….yes the wear rings are that tight. i just installed an oem ring last week and i sprayed grease on the inside of it so the wear ring wouldnt get chewed up on the initial start-up. i couldnt believe how close the clearance was compared to a knock off i got on ebay… i should have listened to what the guys on here were saying about the cheap wear rings.
    well since you installed a new impeller you already have the nose cone off. so now put some synthetic gear oil in there. from what ive gathered on here some guys use just oil. others a combination of oil/grease. i did the combo and its worked out good so far. you dont want to put too much oil in though because it will expand as it heats up.
    as for a gasket in between the pump and the nozzle….i have no idea. i got my 07 rxp used and there wasn't one there when i took the pump assembly apart the first time.

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