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    1994 Kawasaki Xi big or small pin?

    Is the 1994 Kawasaki Xi 750 a big or small pin engine? Tried to research it but could not find the answer.

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    I think it's a small pin, but don't know for certain. The wrist pin part number is 13002-3702. The part number for the '95 STS 750 (I own several) is 13002-3706. I do know that this model has the large (22 mm) wrist pin.

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    Thanks for the info. I got the ski for free. It had been sitting for two years because it would not start up and was half taken apart. I took the engine out and removed the starter bendix. It was frozen but I got it to move again with some lithium grease. It now moves and returns to position easily. Hopefully that will solve the problem. Kind of afraid to put it all back together and try it out because it was such a pain to get to this point. Having a great time working on it though.

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    Its a small pin I have a good case you need one.
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