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    2013 VXR Problem !

    I just purchased brand new 2013 vxr i put only about 8 hrs on it so far and the engine light keeps coming on at low rpm after riding around an hour or so , took it to dealer 3 times already seems like they keep doing nothing and looks like they cant fix it ---Anyone know the law/rule for dealer to give me a new machine ?? Does it have to go to yamaha corp first or whats the procedure ? Thanks guys

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    What's the trouble code that's coming up?

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    Is it engine light or over heating light?
    Sometimes you can suck some debris in thermostat. I wonder if they took out your thermostat to take a look at it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RAGE FAB View Post
    What's the trouble code that's coming up?

    Engine warning indicator light

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    Engine warning indicator light

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    Overheating 2013 vxr

    Happen to my ski and it was the main sensor.

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