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    97 seadoo GTX fuel delivery?

    Hi i am new to this forum but know my way around a jetski, but i am just stumped with this issue.

    i have a 97 seadoo GTX that is having problems accelerating at 3000 RPM, it bogs if i hold the idle halfway but if i give it full throtyle it dies, if i hold it halfway it bogs then takes off. It has a cold start and i have to crank it on and off for a couple min to get it going but after that it fires up with the touch of a button and idles well, it struggles at full throttle as well. Now what i already did was:

    Rebuilt carbs
    changed fuel lines to black
    changed fuel filter
    rebuilt RAVE valves and tried both old and new
    When i pop the choke it takes off so its not getting enough gas
    tested fuel pump
    tested pulse
    tested diaphrams
    still need to inspect/ clean fuel baffel and selector valve
    checked compression 150/150
    dont think i need a leak fown test after that compression but may try anyway
    i believe that is all i can remember that i tried so far, so if anyone has any insight that may be able to help i would appreciate it thank you

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    Your selector valve is all full of goo.

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