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    HELP, still having electrical issues

    '93 VXR pro 700. Just installed a new starter relay as the old one got stuck when started last and cranked until the battery died. I wasn't that worried that it didn't fire up as it is old and it sat few for a few weeks and sometimes needs gas or starter fluid to start. At first I thought it was my switch and put in another one and then realized my relay had gotten stuck was the issue. So, I replaced the relay and the switch and charged my battery and NOTHING. Lanyard in and NOT A DAMN THING. Not even a click of the relay. So, I checked my switch and connections and it looks fine. I checked my fuse and even put in a new one. Is it my battery even though it shows it is fully charged or is it my relay or is it my switch? I'm so frustrated and I'm done spending money on this old machine. Anyone have any suggestions?

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    It will act exactly like that if you wired the main solenoid cables backwards.

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