I just picked up a 89' js300 . During the first ride, I fell several times and , eventually it stalled out. I pulled it back to the dock and found the engine compartment full to the top of water. Pulling the spark plug we noticed water had gotten into the cylinder so we fogged it and let it dry over night. It started up right away the next day but later had problems with it stalling after falling. And turning over for a while before starting again. Last time out we had to boost it and it stalled shortly after.
Now we have no spark.
Anyone have any ideas what I should test to fix the problem. We tried testing across the stop button when it was pushed it was a closed cct with 0.5 ohms and with it released it read 50ohms. Should this be completely open when released or is that the correct resistance.
I also tryed testing voltage on the coil and got mixed numbers. Not sure what I should get. Got from 0 to350volts Dc.
I later found there is a factory bilge system that had a tube unattached. That I have attached but am unsure if it works because of not being able to get it started.
Any advise would be appreciated.