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    VX110 mirror and remote question

    I'm a newbie to this forum and a 2007 Waverunner Sport VX110.

    I've had SeaDoo's for years and a long time member of the pwctoday site, but I wanted a change and I came here due to the wealth of materials I found in this forum.

    Anyway, my questions:
    1) I had mirrors on my SeaDoos and I planned to add them to my 2007 Waverunner Sport VX110, but then I read comments about breaking the mirrors off, so don't bother installing. I also read a comment that the mirrors are not "adjustable". Are these comments true?

    2) I read a couple notes about a "remote", what is that for? I don't recall anything from the previous owner about a remote for my 2007 Waverunner Sport VX110. Can someone explain what that is about?


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    Okay the mirriors are in a place whether can get bumped real easy and break off. I never hagan issue with the fact that they were adjustable, because they we positioned well and I almost always ride sideways or standing. The mirrors bsk off easy and will look like crap after a while. I just reprinted one of my vx's and glassed over One of the holes soi could drill it larger to fit a wider variety of cleats. However, if yo tow a skier or tuber, you might be required by law to have them on, or have a second person on board watching....since that would suck trying totow a skier and have a passenger, you might want to consier keeping one or adding a afterarket adjustable mirror. Please post your intentions with the ski and if you ever plan on towing, or if cleats would be the better choice

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    You can seethed eis only one hole instead of two. The spacing is 1.5 inches apart so it's tough finding a cleat to fit that of any decent size. The mirrors were not that strong and real easy to grab ahold of and use for leverage.

    If you dont have a delux, you most likely won't have a remote. The deluxes came with reverse and an alarm. They had a learner mode you could put it in, and the ability to lock the ski.

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    thanks for replies! I will watch for a decent priced set of mirrors on ebay. I do intend on towing a skier. I'm not sure if the law here requires a mirror, I just found it handy on my Seadoos.

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    The stock mirrors look pretty good. I liked them, but they also were the perfect height to bump against docks and what not. When they switched and put them on the hood, the mirrors lasted a lot longer. We bought the overpriced plugs they make for the VX at Riva and they sucked. Thats why i did what i did and just glassed one hole over. Unfortunately that ski is rented for the next 3 days so i wont see it again till friday. Ill post the completed photos when i get it back.

    You can modify just about any universal mirror to fit on as well. All you need is one, might even could get away with a handle bar mounted mirror if you wanted. On older skis like that, be sure you are diligent about the preventative maintenance and they will practically run forever.

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