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    2013 fxsho 21hrs. Golf ball size hole in hull..

    My new boat has its first major issue. This is seriously just beach wear. Has never been in any accident. This is my third waverunner I'm the only one who has driven it and I'm scratching my head how this has happened? Any advice on what I should do is greatly appreciated.
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    whatever you were riding over, beaching on, or "hit" that caused the other scratches in the hull probably caused that too

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    Holy shit dude stop beaching it. Try turning it off and pull/lift the ski on to the beach. It's not a rental it's your own personal ski so treat it like its a personal ski.

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    The majority of the scratching is just salt water beaches. Being on buoy. No different than my 2004 1200xlt or my 2007 fx ho. Those skis were owned in my drinking days and neither one had any hull issues. Are the newer hulls more prone to scratching or delaminating? I will say I'm guilty of letting it coast into beach but not more than at idol speed? I mean when I get off it it still has to be pulled up further so it won't drift away? Should I peruse it with yamaha or just eat it and call my insurance company? I honestly feel something just wasn't right with the hull, there is a section missing.. My other skis had actual impacts, one at high speed and no damage??

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    For the sake of everyone elses sanity, PLEASE get an anchor and stop beaching that poor ski.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kwtony View Post
    For the sake of everyone elses sanity, PLEASE get an anchor and stop beaching that poor ski.

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    All that pic shows is that you really don't give a shit about your ski...

    Even rentals don't look that messed up..

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    Wow. Could see a hole by itself with a clean hull as an accident, but all those scratches seems to suggest beaching and other rough handling led to hitting something unaware. Maybe use to beaching older hulls, but that nano hull isn't going to take the abuse. Seems like a fix and maybe a keel guard is needed. Funny as I've seen them before and now understand what they're for.

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    Wow, sorry about your misfortune ... from the looks of it you seem to beach your ski a lot. STOP IT ! now to get help fixing ... yes you must take it to a hull repair shop that works on Nano like hulls & understands the skin on these Yamahas. Good Luck

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    Holy Jesus!!!! You did all that damage in 21 hours????? Are you riding on a beach of rocks??????

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