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    1993 sl750

    Hi. I am hoping someone can help me out here. On my SL, there is water getting into the combustion area and it's source is unknown. When I got it last year, I did not ride it at all. The first time was in May of this year. It ran very well but then started getting hard to start. Upon checking the plugs, I found the center cylinder wet. I carry extra plugs so I swapped it out and made my to the boat ramp. At home, I started looking for the source and could not find it. As a precaution, I replaced the head gaskets. Yesterday, I took it out for the 2nd time. Again, it ran well. After about 30 minutes, it started again. I loaded it up and brought it home. The center is dry, the forward is dry. Now, the final cylinder is spewing water. With all plugs removed, I turned it over by the starter and it kept spitting water. When I open the throttle, it spewed a lot of water. Come off the throttle and the amount dropped off. Open it again and it spewed more water than with throttle closed. What is going on here?? The engine has no strange noises and when the plugs are dry {after allowing it to sit a few days with no plugs}, it runs fine. Anyone have any suggestions at all???

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    Crack in the cylinder, crack in the head, crack in the engine case, (93 had water flowing through the cases) or a bad exhaust gasket? Was the ski properly winterized when put away?

    It makes sense that there is more water spewing out with the throttle open because there is more volume of air available than with it closed. This why you must hold your throttle wide open when conducting a compression test.

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