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    Culprit found but need advice on repairs

    Long story short changed stock impeller on my 07 wake 155 to solas 11/19 and changed the wear ring, rpms and top speed about 6800 and 46 mph since the change but no cavitation and pulled well , pulled the pump tonight to see what was goin on because with everything new I should have been up in the 52 mph range and 7300 range and found the new. Wear ring in grooved on the bottom side only, never ran through any sand or shallow starts it looks like the ring is actually small in the pump itself only the bolts drew it tight to the housing , it was an aftermarket(eBay) wear ring . Should I order a genuine seadoo one and assume tht it was just a pos not the right fit ring????

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    Buy a genuine wear ring from the greenhulk store, it's worth it. I hope it didn't damage your impeller. What was the stock pitch? If you added pitch with the solas, that could be your rpm loss. Check that too.
    Good luck!

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    Stock is 10/20 and no it didn't hurt the impeller at all ! Can I flip it and use the non grooved side for now until new one comes in?

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    Yes you can flip it.
    Go oem for wear rings..

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    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

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    Called my nearest seadoo dealEr, gave them the serial number and had them air freight me up the oem wear ring ....... Good news is that the aftermarket is definitely smaller outside diameter so I froze the new one dropped it into the pump and put the set screws in it ........... Went to install the impeller it dropped in VERY loosely called the dealer back talked to the mechanic because I knew its supposed to be a fairly tight tolerance he ran the serial number again and came to find out they sent me the wrong ffffffing one , parts guy said I needed a 267000372 mechanic says I need a 267000419 can none confirm these?? OH and apparently it's a 06 model not 07!

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    Wow that sucks..

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    i went with a new solas impeller and lost 3 miles per hour. switched back to my stock one and back up to 63 mph (dash). I was running 58. Both were on a full tank of gas.

    no idea why as I did not add pitch with the solas. I just used the one they said was a OEM replacement. needless to say the OEM works well for me.

    As for the wear ring wear: mine initially wore like that however after 20 hrs of use its not changed. Do not know if the non-oem one from SBT was not perfectly round or what however I've never had a smoother ride with zero cavitation now since I replaced my pump housing, wear ring, driveshaft, and re-alligned engine.

    after all was said and done minor wear on wear ring did not concern me as the ride had never been smoother. I think that if I ever replace again I'll buy OEM just to be safe.

    sucks on the wrong part. Gotta love it.

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