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    louis malone custom grind cam for 4tec


    I have not got the spec for this cam, bought it about 3 years ago from Louis Malone?

    He sent some paperwork with what it was, it has gone missing since

    Its a cam rated to 9500 RPM and was used for CC racing.. I am not technically minded with this but can give some measurements with a micrometer if anyone wants it.

    I know it has big lift in it and needs aftermarket retainers and springs. I never used it as I went down the path of a turbo and the cam had 5 hours on it.

    its as good as the 2004 OEM cams but better from what i was told.

    I'll post some pics when i get a chance..

    I am in australia so shipping will be a bit.. open to offers as I have no need for it with the turbo.

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    I ring yah Thursday ...

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