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    2000 GTX - checking/cleaning accelerator pumps

    I tried searching for this but did not come across the details on how to do this. Sounds like to check you see if fuel is squirting from the accel pump when applying the throttle. Question here is where to check: inside the carbs, can a hose from the pump be pulled and checked, etc.? Can this be done while the ski is off?

    To clean it, does it have to be done from inside the carbs?



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    The pump is on the PTO carb only, I believe on your ski. It has small 1/8 or so lines going from it to both carbs. There is a small brownish colored nozzle sticking inside the throat of both carbs, I can't remember if it is infront of the choke plates or between the choke plates and throttle butterflies.

    Either way, if you don't want to take the carbs off, remove the air box. Get an inspection mirror, and line it up so you can see inside the throat of the carbs. Pull the throttle right at the carbs and check for fuel spray. Its all mechanical so if there is fuel in the carbs it should spray. basically if you just ran the ski there will be plenty in there to test it out.

    Not sure on cleaning it, but you would def have to have the carbs out. Which is pretty simple to do, takes like 5 mins.

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    I pulled the airbox, pulled the throttle and did not see anything coming out of the accelerator pumps. Could be that gas was not getting to them, not sure. I am going to rebuild the carbs in the next day or so and plan to "clean" the accelerator pumps then. When looking at them I noticed the hoses have small oetiker clamps and I have not found screw clamps that small to replace if I remove the hoses. I thought the best way to clean would be to remove the hoses. Wondering if that should/should not be done. If not - what should be done instead. If hoses should be removed - what to use as clamps other than oetikers?

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