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    2000 GTX suggestions on best way to remove airbox

    Last season I replaced the fuel lines and cleaned out the carbs. One of the biggest pains and consumed a lot of time was getting the airbox out of the hull. I ended up have to put stress on some of the other things in the hull to get it out, hoping nothing would break.

    I found posts about how to twist it at certain points but that slightly helped. I need to do carb work and need to remove it again, just really not looking forward to it.



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    try the corresponding install guide for your engine. The air box is amongst the first steps.

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    Thanks. I know how to detach the air box from the carbs, the issue is getting it out of the hull after that. That guide states to slide it out which is the part I found very difficult. The last time I was able to slide it backward some but then it gets stuck on a number of things. I am looking for any tips or suggestions on how to easily get it out without breaking anything.



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    I always loosen the airbox and remove the top mounting part that goes to the pipe. Then sort of set it towards the outer part of the hull so you can remove the choke cable from the carbs and get it out of the way. Then on the lower part of the rear motor mount plate there is a cable tie holding some stuff that's right in the way. Cut it off and move the wires. Then pull the airbox backwarda and upwards just above where the cable tie was. It's still snug but it will come right out.

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    Thanks for the info. From what I remember I was able to slide it backwards but that is where it got stuck. Not sure if I removed the cable tie or not. I know I did not remove the choke cable. Will give that a try. As sad as this sounds it took me over an hour to get it out and about the same to get it back in. Was trying to be careful not to break anything and it was my first time yanking it out.

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