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    No idle, no mfd?

    hey guys, so after countless hours on my 96 slx 780, i got her going good out of the water. so i went and tested it in the lake yesterday and it will not idle AT ALL. when you let off the gas for about 2 seconds it dies hard. not like a running out of gas slowly die. and also i have no MFD in the water... BUT. My battery was very weak and i had to jump it off, and have to every time i want to start it now. do you think a dead battery could cause no MFD and to die at idle??

    Also, i say no MFD, but it does show the time, but you cant switch through it. and it doesnt show mph or rpm.

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    Stop jumping starting the ski. Buy a decent battery. Jumping can cause voltage spikes that can fry the watercraft electronics.

    Check inside the electrical box. Make sure all wires are properly connected and make sure there is zero moisture and no corrosion. The MFD gets the RPM signal from the Yellow wires.

    Remove and clean both ends of both battery cables. Clean metal to metal, especially at the engine ground.

    On the blue Fuji engines sometimes the engine bed plate bolts that go into the bottom of the engine become corroded or loose, and this affect she electrical system grounding. The easiest fix is to relocate the black battery cable to a bolt that is directly on the engine, not on the bed plate. A starter motor mounting bolt, or one of the PTO intake manifold bolts/studs.

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