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    Cooper Anchor, Chain and Rhode for Yamahas

    I hate the claw anchors typically sold with PWC and the fact the anchor line is constantly tangled and difficult to deploy. The Cooper Anchor (delta style) is perfect for sand and grass. Just OK in rocky areas. My boating experience has shown me that its not the size of the anchor (I use Fortress anchors on my boat which are made from aluminum and very light) rather it is the length and weight of chain that you use. Finding the balance between anchor, chain and rhode is the key for the conditions your typically anchor in and the amount of space you have to store it. Here is the solution that I have found for my ski. Have only tested it holding 2 skis in a very light chop but with boats going by making wakes. Held perfectly.

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    The cooper anchor is the best I have come across.......relativley light weight but holds so well, especially in sand. I use the next size up...fits nicely at the side of the front compartment, & won't put a hole in the base, with too much bashing around like a heavier metal anchor. My set up......2 mtrs of 8mm chain & 4 mtrs of rope.......have had it anchored up in 3' breaking waves & was rock solid!

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