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    no fire in mag cylinder help

    I have a 99 sltx Modified It Is a 1050 modified 81.5
    Group k did sleeper mods in 2005. 40 hours later lost compression in mag cylinder.
    Tore it apart and found heated pistontop that had shot liquid metal on head.
    Started haveing babies so let sit till two weeks ago.
    I honed cylinders, replaced all pistons with sbt 81.50
    I gapped rings properly and had stock head milled to as much spec as we could figure by other cylinder heads. I have 100psi on mag cylinder and 110 on the other.
    i have spark on all spark plugs, reeds are good, blocked off oil pump, cleaned carbs,
    engine starts right up but no heat on mag cylinder walls this concerns me and not sure if timing or compression is to blame. I am buying an engine pressure test kit now to check that. Any ideas.

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    Pick up a cheap harbor frieght spark tester and see if you even have spark in that cylinder.

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    I already checked with plug touching motor is that sufficent

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    Can bad gasket or old cdi be responsible?

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    Quote Originally Posted by fryguy74 View Post
    Can bad gasket or old cdi be responsible?
    What about the carburetors?

    Have they been cleaned internally and rebuilt recently? If not, you may need to do so.

    You either have a strong blue/white spark on the MAG spark plug, or you do not. Yellowish spark does not count as strong. Which is it?

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