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    Looking at buying 2009 FZR 65hr with mods....

    hey guys im in the market for a FZR and have found this,,, is there anything in particular i should be looking for when i go to inspect??

    "Ski was purchased new 25/11/10, so has only a low 65hrs. Mods i've put on the ski are; R&D intake grate, R&D pump seal kit, 13/22 solas concord impeller, riva ride
    plate, TBM sponsons, riva mirror
    block offs, riva pro series
    steering, renthal twin wall bars, ODI grips, riva power filter kit, riva intake manifold upgrade, riva water box, riva rear exhaust, hydro turf
    matts, jettrime custom seat, jettribe cover. $$$ spent on this ski in new condition, always flushed with
    fresh water and I use salt away
    every third flush also use marine inox on the engine bay after every ride. Great fast ski won't find
    better, first to see will buy. All
    mods done 15hrs ago"


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    Well, obviously it's an ocean ski so watch out for corrosion, and get under it with a flashlight and inspect the pump tunnel and hull for any signs of cracks or repairs. If he has a 5 year OEM extended warranty (Y.E.S.) that would be best scenario, but not sure if you have those in Australia. Our 2009's have been 100% reliable, but get it out on the water and test ride thoroughly at normal operating temps before you purchase.

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    Will Defs be doing the riding part and ill check all hte other things that you said aswel, thanks mate.

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