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    1995 SL750. Dies when I give it gas.

    So I have owned my 750 for 4 years and have had nothing go wrong with it with the exception of last weekend. It starts right up and idles perfectly fine. When I give it gas, it doesnt take off right away like it has in the past and seems to be "bogged" down. After about 5 seconds it will take off but the die after about 5 seconds at full throttle. When it dies, it starts right back up with no problem but does the same thing when you give it gas. I change it to the reserve line and it does the same thing so I dont think its the fuel filter. I changed the plugs in it two years ago and thats about it. It stays inside a garage year round and the only time it sees the sun is when its out on the lake. Any suggestions on what it could be are greatly appreciated.

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    Perhaps it is time for carburetor rebuild and general fuel system maintenance.

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