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    08 SHO Loss of power any help appreciated.

    I have a 08 FX SHO 1800 with 177 hrs. bone stock. Took it for a long run a few days ago, ran great in the flat water then as it warmed up and hit rough water started to make a bogging noise and had a loss of power. It didn't want to go over 40mph wide open. Got back into flat water ran up to 55-60 but did have some hesitation, just not running smoothly. Back to the rough water ran like crap. While idling around waiting for the ramp the skii shook the whole time like it was only running on three cylinders. Took it it home flushed it on the hose ran smooth. I just changer the plugs about 8 hours ago. Any suggestions much appreciated. Thanks, Alex

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    Check out the supercharger, piping, and clutch........may not be making boost. Is the check engine light on?

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    even though the sparkplugs were replaced put a new set in for sure, also remove the air hose from the supercharger and see if the supercharger impeller will only turn in one direction ( good if it only turns one way only) if it turns both ways sprag clutch is bad and not making any boost, replace sprag clutch assy. then retest. Tommy Jordan

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    Thanks for the help, I was thinking bad coil. No chance?

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    No check engine light on, checked piping all tight. Superchager impeller only turns one way, counter clockwise.

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    check the prop you have probably bent a blade or picked up some debris like rope.

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    I hate to say it as it maybe a long shot but if you were running on 3, it maybe ECM related. Best case would be some wiring/ground problem...worst case maybe the ECM.
    If you did everything else and all checked out fine, I would open the electrical box to ensure it is dry. My 06 had water in it from a bad seal and ruined my ECU. It took a good month of diagnosing and riding to finally go to ECU and find the problem.

    Just throwing out something that I had experience with.

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    Check the pump: wear ring and impeller.
    Check the vacuum hose from the map sensor to intake manifold it could be loose or cracked.
    Check all the air hoses and fittings again even if they are tight there could be a small crack or tear creating a leak.
    Check compression.
    Check for intercooler restriction.

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