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    99 gp1200, weird issue

    I took the ski out yesterday and when I got back to my house and turned it off it wouldn't start back up. About 2 weeks ago I started having an issue with the typical fuel level float sticking I assume. It will always read half a tank. Anyway, it has plenty of gas. The warning light came on when I turned it off and stayed on. It wouldn't even click the starter relay. I figured it may be the battery but it was fully charged when I tried to charge it. Put the battery back in and it won't do anything. It had the solid warning light a couple times, so I would disconnect the battery and it would just act like a dead battery. The gauge shows nothing now, it won't let me put a code in bc the buttons aren't working on the gauge. I unplugged the gauges security connector (the blue one) And still nothing. All grounds are good,
    The main fuse is good, and everything else looks fine. It had started and ran find earlier that day, but once I shut it down at the house it wouldn't do anything. What are the opinions on this? Possibly cdi related? Any help is much appreciated, thanks!

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    That's a tough one. I'd start running through the CDI and Multifunction Display tests in the service manual and see if anything fails the tests.

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    As you check things over, make sure you verify that the wiring harnesses have a good connection. I had a similar issue on my 99 1200 last year and found the starting issue was caused by corrosion in the wiring harness connection that led up to the starting switch. I separated the two halves and cleaned the contacts with a small flat screwdriver.

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    Turned out that the main ground to the engine was corroded bad. Replaced it and all is good again. Thanks y'all.

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