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Thread: 97 sltx 1050

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    97 sltx 1050

    Going to look at this ski on friday. Have a 95 SLT 750 and the kids love it. Any suggestions on what to look for on this model. How were these skis? Any input before I go would be greatly appreciated as I purchased the 750 before I knew of this site. Had some issues with it but with guidance from members here all is good. What is this ski worth?

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    I have a 99 sltx and its very stable and strong !

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    If it has the stock Grey Tempo Fuel Line that will need replaced. It breaks down and clogs the carbs. Even if you check it out and it seems ok replace it anyway, it only a matter of time!

    Always use NGK BPR8ES spark plugs, no substitutes. Also be sure to check the gap .028-.032, they are not always good right out of the box. You can get them at O'reillys Auto Parts.

    Get a Sealed AGM battery. These ski's will not spark if your voltage is low and with the $35 Lead acid Wally World batteries your lucky if you get a year out of them.

    Keep the Drive shaft greased.

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