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    is green grease too thick for jet pump enough to cause some power loss?

    It sure seems like it as i just pressed the rear bearing back into the impellor duct and the shaft sure spins much harder than it would with normal marine grease. its gonna be pain in the ass to remove that green grease from everything.

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    Well i already decided that im replacing the green grease with normal marine grease. That green grease causes cars toget less mpg when th wheel bearing are greased with it.

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    Id stick with marine grease.

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    I've used a mixture of 50% marine grease and 50% Lucas oil stabilizer in all my pumps for years and never had a failure in mine or customers skis.

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    With red grease, you will gain 2mph, blue grease is 3mph and since purple is soo rare, it's worth 5mph!

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