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    Exhaust leak question

    I have a 2003 gtx 155 and have been having rpm loss. I recently found that my exhaust j pipe is leaking at the braided part. Would this cause my rpm loss?? It's slow to take off and only gets up to 7000 rpm at start(7350 rpm is what it usually does) then loses more and more rpm as I go. Will the exhaust leak cause this issue or should I be looking into other stuff as well?

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    Try riding it without a seat!

    If you have a leaky exhaust your pwc could runt out of oxygen.

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    It will almost certainly cause a gradual drop in RPM yes, the advice above is very good, try it with the seat off, this will give a perfect supply of oxygen and allow the motor to breath correctly.

    Slow take off tho, im not sure if this would be caused by an exhaust leak unless the hull was completly polluted with fumes so the motor would struggle from the get go,

    Try it with the seat off and see what she is like, the J pipe failure is quite common, might be time to go for the 08 exhaust setup, those J pipes are jeffin expensive...#


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