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    Trade in value 2012 RXP X 260

    This might be a good question for tiny. What is the range of trade in value for a mint rxp 26 hours, has the 13 inter cooler mod, all stock.

    I want to get a 13 Can Am Maverick, so trading it in might offset some of the tax.


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    Why not just sell it personally?

    Not going to get nearly as much it's worth in a trade in.
    Unless you just don't want the hassle of selling it yourself, if that's the case put it as a very fair price and I'm sure it would sell?

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    Unless you're a hardcore can am fan. I'd look into the 14 RZR1000. It's gonna be a good one.

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    I had the first rzr 800 it was great. The 1000 is 20k, that's crazy. They are selling 2013 maverick Xrs for like 14500 plus u can get an additional 1000 off from can am.

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    I have had both the 800 and 900 RZR, they are bad ass, but Larry for the price point of the can ams now. OMG. Great deal and they are freaking amazing.

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    Try selling it privately. RXP-X is pretty sought after ski. I won't think it would take long to sell it. With a trailer on the open market I'd think you'd get around 12-13K unless your market is riddled with used skis (ie: Florida). Trade in I'm sure you'd have a hard time getting 10.5K.

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    Your going to take a beating on trade!!!!!

    This is straight from KBB(Kelley Blue Book) which is what most or all dealers use for trade $$$$$

    Trade-In Value (Good Condition) $7,090

    This is straight from NADA

    List Price Low
    Retail Average
    Base Price $14,399 $10,460 $11,850

    I love the Mavericks but I am going to wait and pay off my PX first!!!!

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    I have a 2013 maverick with a few nice mods I would consider trading plus some cash

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