My buddy picked up a 96 GTI earlier this summer. The ski ran good and had been maintained well but had sat for a couple years. Still had the old gray fuels lines in it... When he bought it I told him he should change the fuels lines but he wanted to run it for the summer since there were not problems at the time. Well, one day it started cutting our real bad right when it would get up and out of the water. So, I help him remove carb, clean it, and change fuel lines but now when i hit the starter I cant get the fuel pump to pump any fuel. Cant get the water separator to fill with any fuel. Since my buddy is cheap the carbs were not rebuilt just cleaned. Also the water separator doesnt seem to seal well maybe air is getting in through the seal? Changed the hoses 1 by 1 so I don't think I have them connected wrong. Pulse line is connected. Could I by pass the water separator briefly to help diagnoses the problem? One last thing I thought I should ask is while i was cleaning the carbs I had a completely clean work station but after reassembling i was left with a small cylindrical magnet that I have no idea where it came from. I don't think its part of the carb but on the other hand I have no idea where it would have come from.