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    now using a wave venture 700, looking at VX cruiser, worth it????

    I currently have a 1996 and 1995 Ventures. They run good but have had some issues over the years. Can get a VX cruiser for just under $7000 new. Wtih warranty. I know the vx cruiser only does about 55mph and wondering if it is a better ski than the old wave venture. Any thing special that I would have over having a newer looking ski?

    Need some help


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    Yes, it's definitely a better ski in every way. Maintenance wise, you should be good for years. If you want an even better ski, go for the FX, but that will also cost you quite a bit more.

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    Coming off the 95 and 96 Wave Ventures and going to a new VX will be like getting out of an old Volkswagon Bug and getting into a new Cadillac....Get a VXs/r and it would be like going to a Camaro.....

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    I can vouch for whats being said. I had a 1100 venture and sold it because it rode rough. I now have the vx deluxe and it rides so much better. I bought the vx because I got mine for a good deal and really dont need anything crazy. Later on when my wife learns to drive the ski better I will get something faster but for now the vx is perfect and will be great for my wife later

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