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Thread: Grease points?

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    Grease points?

    Got My New Bearing Set For The Through Hull In. Got The grease Gun Out. What Other Spots Are The Ones To grease? I Want To Hit Them All While I'm At It (Already Got My Trailer Done Too While I'm At It).

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    Apply grease (waterproof marine bearing grease, lithium base) to the ends of the drive shaft splines before installing the drive shaft. The only time you can grease these splines is when the drive shaft is out of the hull.

    I also plump a modest blob of grease into the impeller cavity and the drive coupler cavity.

    Make sure the rubber bumpers are in place on both ends of the drive shaft

    The driveshaft splines and the bearing carrier are the only grease points.

    I have some marine grease in a thin syringe that I use to inject grease inside the rubber boots on the ends of the steering and reverse cables.

    Other lubrication points would be all the pivot joints on the jet pump nozzles, the steering shaft, and the various cable ends inside the hull. If it moves, it likely would be happier with some appropriate lubricant.
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    I Got The Splines before I Put The Drive Shaft Back In.
    (Both Bumpers In Place And In Good Shape)
    Looks Like I Got The Main Points, But Good Idea On The Other Moving Parts!

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