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    2001 virage runs fine wont shut off...

    I have not been on here in some time, good to see you all still exist. Im working on this 2001 virage and it runs great, I just cant shut it off. The kill switch don't work and the start stop button don't either. I have looked the connections in the box and everything looks good.(New board put in by the dealer.) I picked it up from a local Polaris dealer in "parts". It had no spark so they puled the front of the motor off and ripped the box apart to no avail. So it was off to the boneyard when I grabbed it. Turns out it was a dead(weak) battery. I knew the guy that owned it previously and he had said it always ran without a lanyard.(the same dealer rigged it for him) not sure where to go next. Checked all connections and replaced a few, tested the kill switch and that works. Any ideas you might have would be great..... Thanks guys

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    sorry, the only way I get it to shut off is to pull the battery cable off and choke it.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by craigrs View Post
    sorry, the only way I get it to shut off is to pull the battery cable off and choke it.....
    If you choke it that should be enough to stop the engine.

    No need to pull the battery cable, I expect. Pulling the battery cable can cause electrical spikes which can kill the electronics, permanently.

    Check the Black/Yellow wire to the CDI. If that is being grounded by the kill switch, then the engine should stop.

    Simple test; Move the Black/Yellow wire for the CDI and put it on a Black terminal. This should permanently ground the CDI Black/Yellow signal and prevent the CDI from starting the engine. Now try to start the engine. If it starts, the CDI is ignoring its own ignition kill input, and usually that means the CDI is no good.

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    maybe get a new switch set up to

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    how would the dealer bypass the kill switch? all the wiring seems to be in order. what does it take to check programming on the cdi? Have not tested your theroy yet, headin home from work to give it a shot though..

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    it would suprise me if infact the dealer rigged the stop swtich, as this is illegal, you must run these with a tether...thinking your buddy lied....if the STOP switch was not hooked up, this would cause the ski not to turn off could be a cut wire some where? Unless i am unsure how this is wired. atleast this is how it would be on my SLXs

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    tested and does not shut off thinking cdi is shot....

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    I have a grey wire with a red stripe hanging loose in side the box. Any Ideas?????

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    he said the only way to shut the ski down was to push the start stop button. At first this didn't work for me but I realized it needs to run for bit longer for this to shut it down.

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