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    STX15f 40$ Exhaust mod

    I’m new to the forum but been on here for a few months lurking and reading up on the current info. I did some searching on how to do acheap exhaust modification to my ski. I came up with three different ways but it seems like most of the people who posted the info hardly come on the forums anymore, therefore the questions I had couldn’t be answered in a timely fashion.
    I chose what I felt would be the easiest way to get rid of the second water box, a Silicone U elbow. I haven’t driven it yet but I did run it while flushing it and everything went fine. If anyone wants to know where I got this send me a PM.
    If there are any opinions or concerns I’d like to hear them before I go on the water this weekend.
    Here are the specs on the elbow for anyone who’s interested.
    Genuine 4-ply Silicone (5 silicone layers plus 4 reinforcement layers = 9 total layers!)
    Installer can cut silicone parts down to fit with a razor
    Heat tolerance: -40° to 392° Fahrenheit
    Burst Pressure: 200 PSI
    Working Pressure: 50 PSI
    Wall Size: 4 mm - 5 mm

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    Looks good. I did something similar last fall using a ABS p-trap and the exisitng hose. Some are using an aluminum U tube as well.
    Have you removed the second water box yet? I left mine in for a while but finally pulled it out this spring. I was afraid of the jack and cracking my hull but it worked.

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    Should be no issues with that set-up. Looks good.
    Whre did you purchase the silicone tubing from?

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    Nice job!...and the silicone hose came from?...

    Welcome to GH!!!

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    Thanks! Yeah right now the second water box is in there. When I have time over the winter I want to pull it out. The pipes from, the 2.5in diameter. I wanted a one and done sort of pipe and I figured 40$ with shipping isn't bad. It goes on easily.

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