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    2000 GTX 951 MPEM Repair needed

    Does anyone know a place to send an MPEM for 2000 GTX to be repaired? Motor will start and run but gauge cluster will not come on.

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    I highly doubt your MPEM is the problem. You need to check the MPEM first before concluding that it is bad. First thing to check is the 2 amp ACC fuse as it powers the gauges. Measure resistance across it, or put another fuse in just to be sure as it can look OK and not work. If fuse is good, pull the #1 connector at the MPEM, put the key on post, and check for 12 volts at pin 1-24.

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    Replaced all fuses that did not fix the problem. Replaced MPEM with known good one and gauges work fine. Old Mpem worked fine with everything else except that it would not light up gauges. I did not have the chance to check for the resistance as the ski is not gone and out of the shop but I have tried the same MPEM on another ski and it did the same thing and would not light up gauges but motor ran fine. No codes or issues came up when plugged into BUDS.

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    Hate to toss a $400 MPEM if it could be repaired for a good price..

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