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    2006 gtx, no response from key

    It is a customers ski, They called me and said it lost power, i went and checked it to find that one of the 30amp fuses was loose inside the cap. I plugged it back in and everything worked fine. Fast forward a few days and they called again with the same problem. This time it was the cables going to the solenoid loose. I tightened them and it was good to go.

    Today, it happened again. I went and checked it out, no response from the key, both 30amps have power, battery is good, all wires are good. You can jump the solenoid and it spins over, no fuses other than the two 30amps have power. The large red wire going in to the front wire group is powered.

    Where do I start? Bad mpem? Could it be a key or post problem?

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    First thing to check is the DESS post. Pull the connector under the steering column that has three wires, a black/yellow, a white/gray, and black wires. Measure resistance between the black/ yellow and black wires going up to the steering column. With key off, you should get infinite resistance. With key on, the resistance should drop down to a few ohms or so.

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    If you have no beeps & hear a "light" click sound at the MPEM when you put the key on, it's your mpem. My buddy had the same issue on his 05 rxt and I took the mpem to a another buddy's place that had an 05 and it didn't work on his either. He bought a used MPEM and he's riding again. All that shorting out loose wires probably fried it

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