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    97 kawa 1100 stx, revs up on land but doesn't in water

    On the trailer the ski revs up and sounds great.
    But in the water i'm lucky if i can a little more than and idle out of it.
    Any suggestions, anyone else ever experience this problem.


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    On the trailer???? Is the ski in the water on the trailer or do you have the flush kit to it?

    More details please. RPM's will not go higher than an idle on the water or is it speed but high RPM's?

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    This is pretty typical of a plugged up fuel system. It doesn't take much power to spin the impeller in air, it takes a lot more to spin it in the water.

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    I had an issue like this on my old seadoo. Ended up being a bunch of leaves and debri inside the airbox on top the carbs and flame arrestors from a mouse that made a nest. removed it all and problem solved! cant hurt to check that.

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