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    Why does my xlt 1200 do this?

    hey guys im new here... i was out on the water with my family running my 2005 yamaha xlt 1200, and around the speed of 50-60 it would sharp turn right throwing everybody off there is no way to hang on anyway it would do this out of no where with no warning or way to control the ski. this happened to me twice. As a result my mom was the one that took the hardest fall resulting in a broken wrist and a cracked rib. my Uncle who took it out the next day who has 2 jet skis of his own polaris virage and yamaha gp760 hit 55 and threw him off as well he said it happend again at 35mph. upon later inspection i notice that there is a big hole in the intake grate. the bigger plate out of the two on the intake grate. to where i can fit 3 fingers in it. the skid plate also has a small crack in it as well. My question to you guys is. Would the cracks be the reason for the sudden right turns? if i replace the intake grate and the skid plate and still have the problem then what could be the problem? thanks a bunch guys and sorry if this is long if you leave your email i can send you pictures of the plates.

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    I would replace them both. If the intake plate is damaged it certainly needs replacing. I would replace the ride plate if it is cracked also. I am unsure if the it may be "overstuffing" the pump which can result in a back log of water causing the ski to react violently. That can be a very dangerous situation.

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    your unsure if what? @chevyrocks3

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    If overstuffing the pump is occurring. I have read that if too much water is being forced into the pump than can get through the pump it pushes back out the intake grate at some point causing the ski to react violently. Let some of the others chime in but I would think if the intake grate is damaged it certainly needs replacing.

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    so ill replace both plates but is it worth the cost for the aftermarket plates and whats the difference?

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    I also agree that the intake is your problem, and that it is overstuffing. Your pump can only process so much water as it goes into the intake tunnel. Water entering that tunnel at 55 mph that cannot be pumped out is like having a board shoved into your intake at that speed. In other words water gets very hard at that speed.

    Yeah, your boat is going to react very violently. Someone hit something underwater earlier and damaged both of those components, and they should be replaced. It is an opportunity to get some aftermarked R&D upgrades.

    There is no guarantee that this would solve your problem, but given only the information that you have given us, it is for sure the best course of action to take. Your boat WILL NOT FUNCTION properly with a damaged intake.

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    Had the same problem with both my xlts, a pump seal kit and toploader grate solved it.

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    I have a stock intake grate I can sell if you need one. I'd be checking everything back there. The steering nozel is also one to fail, wear ring, impeller. I also have a stock impeller if you need that too.

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