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    Tigershark Oil Question/Help

    Afraid someone put wrong oil in crank case
    what is proper way to drain, type to replace, amount and fluid level check

    have not had any success yet
    any help or advice would be greatly appreciated

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    What? What model and year is your tigershark?

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    97 Montego DLX 640

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    got a quart of 10w 40 atv oil for wet clutches, and when i poured it in, it ran right through!

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    Where did you pour it in? There is no crancase oil in these
    Quote Originally Posted by wvriverjumper View Post
    got a quart of 10w 40 atv oil for wet clutches, and when i poured it in, it ran right through!

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    facing front, the right side top has a black plastic removable cap, i put it in there

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    what about the "wet Clutches"?

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    Bet you poured into the carburetor air-box which would mean the oil is hopefully stopped by the reeds "if they seal well" otherwise your crankcase is flooded with oil. Try rotating the jet pump impeller by hand if you can move it easy then remove the spark plugs and get a big hand full of rags. Place the rags over the spark plug holes, don't try to put in the the threaded hole just lay time on top. I would suggest placing a board or brick on top of the rags to keep them from being blown off. Now just bump the starter the oil will be blown out of the plug hole. Keep bumping the starter till no oil flow out of the plug holes. Some of the oil will go into to your exhaust manifold so expect much smoke when you replace the plugs and start the engine. I know your a motorcyclist but PWC have no clutches the engine is always turning the jet impeller since this is the water pump for the engine. Go slow with the starter at first since the piston will have to pump the oil out. When I say a "big handful of rags" I mean enough to soak up a quart of oil. Take your time least you have oil all over the ski! Ed

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