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    Impeller Help - please

    Hey Guys.... I don't have any knowledge in the impeller department. Can you please help me with this question:

    I have a '94 GTX that has the stock 15/21 impeller in it. I also have a '97 GTS that has the stock 11/22 impeller in it. What I really want is ultimate top speed out of these ski. Does it make any sense to upgrade the '94's impeller and take the '94's stock 15/21 and use it in the '97? Solas offers 3 different impellers for the '97: 14/22, 16/23 and 14/19. Would the 15/21 be an upgrade in speed over the 11/22 thats in it? Thanks for any help you can offer.

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    I think the 15/21 would be a much better impeller for the GTS, it has a 717 right? If you look at the pitch numbers and try to make sense out of them that 11/22 has 11degrees of difference from leading to trailing edge....not a great idea. 5-7 degrees works much better. You should notice an overall improvement but I don't know about top speed. and since the '94 has a standard 657 motor I would think the 14/19 would be a good match for the power to weight ratio of that machine. You can always tweak the trailing edge some if it runs wide open on the rev limiter.

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