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    Need some help - 2003 Gen DI problems after stator replace

    I had a post earlier about running problems after a Bendix replacement on my 2003 Genesis DI 1200. Found damage in the stator housing from broken parts of Bendix damaging the stator after found a short to chassis on one of the Stator coils. I just replaced the stator and the ski will start but I have no throttle control and the engine stalls after a minute or do. Checked the CPS and there is a signal and won't even start if CPS is disconnected. Check AC volts coming from new stator and all windings in spec. The running is definitely different than before stator replacement starts right up but won't react to throttle input and stalls. What is up with this. Could the stator short put the EMM into "slow mode" . At my wits end, been working on this since June with jet pump housing replacement (jammed impeller caused Bendix gear stripping), Bendix replacement to now a new stator. Any ideas on how to diagnose the issue?? Don't have digital wrench so ...... flying kind of blind. Any idea greatly appreciated. Bill

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    Unplug TPS and try

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    If you have no throttle response, I would look at the TPS first.

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