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    Virage 1200 pump issues

    Found a lot of good information on here so far but can't see to find exactly what I need, maybe someone can help. I bought the ski from a friend and let's just say the maintenance and work that was done was not to the highest level. The jet pump turned out to be seized, the previous owner managed to break all but one of the studs and I'm having a hell of a time getting them out. I think it would be much easier to work on the pump shoe if it was off the ski. I removed the four engine compartment bolts and this thing won't budge, is there a trick?

    Thanks in advance for any help!

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    Its stuck on with silicone. You just need to work it off, clean it all up and re seal it when you put it back

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    Is there a way to weaken the silicone or does it just need to be pried off?

    Quote Originally Posted by BryanP View Post
    Its stuck on with silicone. You just need to work it off, clean it all up and re seal it when you put it back

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    I just went through this, it's a pain in the ass to get off. Trust me, take off the intake grate and ride plate. Then lots of prying. The method I used was to heat the area with a heat gun (careful not to get things too warm) and use 2x4's in a T inside the base to pry. Go slow and work your way around. It takes time and patience but it will come off. My bolts came out easily once I had the base off (lots of penatrating oil and clamp the bolts in a vice and turn the base).

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