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    94 Polaris SL 750 cuts out mid ride

    Hello All,

    I have a 94 Polaris SL 750 that will cut out on a dime mid ride, no loss of power before hand. Any indication as to what I should be checking?


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    Welcome to the site Jessica.

    This is not the first time I've heard of that problem, unfortunately I don't remember anyone ever coming back and posting what it was exactly and what they did to correct it.

    First, make sure you're battery cables are tight and have clean connections.

    Make sure you have the protective plastic cover between the battery and the elec. box that sits atop it. (most people seem to be missing that cover)

    Make sure your ground cable has a clean (bare metal) and tight connection to the engine plate

    Lastly, carefully inspect your wiring harness that goes from the elec box all the way to the front of the engine on the exhaust side. You're looking for any cuts, scrapes, or breaks on the wire insulation that may be touching metal and grounding out.

    If you're riding Wide Open Throttle and she cuts out like that, that can be from a seizure of the piston as well. Can you do a compression test and post up the numbers for us?

    Remember to hold the throttle open while conducting the test for all 3 cyls.

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    This may seem simple, but I caught myself accidentally bumping the stop button mid ride on a bump or wave that shut the ski down. Took me 2 or 3 restarts to realize what I was doing.....

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    The last person that owned it had pulled off the impellar and never sealed it up properly. We were getting some water coming in and I opened up the electrical box, there was some water inside. I think the CDI box may be fried. Is it supposed to have this white bubbly texture to the wiring side of the CDI?

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    The white stones/bubbles are normal.

    Make sure there is no rust on the under side of the electrical board if water was present.

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    The ski I just got was having this same issue, I found the gas tank vent was plugged, some bug made a nest in the plug that is under the seat. After I cleaned it out I took it out the other day and didn't have the issue.

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