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Thread: jetworks mod

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    jetworks mod

    Hi all just quick questions , what should my jetworks mod be opening at , and is it ok to run standard sound supression . This is all on 2007 gp1300r . Thanks

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    3500 rpm and yes

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    +1 and you'll likely be doing yourself a favor by leaving the standard sound suppression system in for the noise factor, in my opinion. If you run freeflow it will have a 'drone' at a certain RPM range (usually around the nice cruising speed unfortunately). If you do go freeflow keep your stock parts around for a while in case you decide to go back to stock later. I did. And I noticed no power difference from either setup.

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    I agree with showmepro1200, Mine was considerably louder, didn't really bother me, but my friends all made comments as to the excessive noise. One guy on the pier told me there was definitely something wrong with my ski. And I noticed no gains. Possible there is a low end gain, but the gps showed nothing more on top.

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