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    04' RXP Mild build with bogging problems

    Starts and runs fine. Takes off and will start to pull fine. Feels like it falls on and off the supercharger. Pulls hard for 3 seconds then then flat for 3 seconds. Boost gauge starts out with 10lbs vacuum and will vary from 1, 5, 10 lbs boost when its pulling. I can run down the lake holding the rpms at 5000 and the ski will hold steady for a few seconds, then accelerate for a few, then go back to 5000. It feels like riding a 2 stroke dirt bike trying to hold the r's right where the power band kicks in. I had ridden this ski before it blew up, and every thing worked fine. He ran this setup for at least one full season.
    Bought a 04 rxp that had a melt down on cylinder #2 81.9mph gps, he really wanted to see 82
    Has: 81 hrs, Rude I SC, Race tech ECU(full race, 8800rpm) RRPR, Fizzle inter cooler, Riva valve springs, Solas prop tweaked by greenhulk, riva grate, Harden motor mounts, stainless pump-liner, boost gauge, pump shim, and not sure what else.
    Work done:
    Motor rebuild, pistons, sleeve, bearings, cam chain, gaskets and seals etc.
    Motor started and performed normal for 1 hr break-in, (was having power issues just wasn't pushing it to realize the issue)
    After 2hrs pulled the SC and rebuilt, No change.
    Started to push it harder, It had full on power surges and flat performance, and found grey in oil/water in oil.
    pressure test lake water lines( no leaks) Coolant reservoir was down a little, but no pressure or oil in it.
    Antifreeze was pure when I drained it. I assumed the head gasket and oil cooler were ok, because the coolant was clean.
    Pulled PTO cover and changed out oil and water seal. They did not look bad, and no sign of leakage in weep hole. (pressed them in)
    2.25 hrs checked RRPR (gauge said 57 lbs) upped it to to 61, then 63. No change

    Feel like I'm missing something simple. I guess I've spent too much time fixing 2 strokes.
    Please help on both issues, poor power and water in oil.

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    Number 1 ski sounds like the SCer let go.....what size injecters are you running on number 2 ski

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    he had upgraded to 42's. I soaked them in some sea foam for a half hour, no change.

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    if the oil cooler is leaking, will it put oil in the coolant? I only have coolant in the oil.

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    Got a tip that I should check my inter-cooler. I was told they can leak under pressure and spray water in the intake. This could answer the bog and the water contamination in the oil. Anyone ever have these symptoms?

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    I would do a leak down test. Its starting to sound like ahead gasket...

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    This was also posted as an intercooler problem/ question. I just wanted to get the answer here also. thanks for all advice given.
    IT WAS THE INTERCOOLER!!!! HOORAY!!! HOORAY!!! What a relief. I pulled off the Fizzle and put on an old Riva. The Boat runs fine now. Bench tested the Fizzle with about 10lbs of pressure and could here it leaking between the cooling and the air flow area. Can the Fizzle be fixed? or is it scrap aluminum? Anybody?

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