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    2004 MSX 140 not running well

    I am new to all of this but have recently purchased a 2004 MSX140. Started out with an exhaust leak which made it run poorly but when you removed the seat it ran like a dream. Exhaust pipe was broken so replaced it and all was good.

    Then the other day when idling around turning to go pick up skier that fell tipped machine. It never went over but 90 degrees on the side and then went back. Shortly after that incident the machine started missing. It idled fine at first but when speeding up it would sputter and want to die but when letting go of throttle it would idle. Then a few minutes of trying to speed up it just got worse where it didn't even want to run. Loaded up and went home.

    A week later I checked over machine for bad connections and went to the lake. It ran perfect for about an hour and then it started acting up again. When you stop and check things for a few minutes and start up it runs 6700 +/- for 500 feet and then starts to miss to the point where it will not run. It will idle sometimes 1150 rpm and when you punch it it tries to run full rpm but jumps all over 4000 - 6000- 5000 all while the throttle is still squeezed.

    Sorry for the long story but could the stator be my problem as well same as tax man?

    Also have problems with it not staying running when you start it up first time. I will start it and it stalls. After 3 or 4 start it then will stay running sometimes with just a light touch to the throttle.

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    My suggestion is to start by replacing the TPS sensor on the throttle body.

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