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    Will not turn over - 1992 Waverunner 3 wra650Q

    PWC will not turn over anymore. Was intermittent before totally going dead. Battery charged, Cleaned switches and connectors and all tested good for continuity. Replaced solenoid. Solenoid clicks when testing straight to 12v. Connected terminals on solenoid and starter cranked.

    What else can I try? If you have a solution, please let me know how to test to confirm. Thanks for the help!

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    Are you saying that when you jump the small wire to the battery that it tries to start. and the start button doesn't operate properly. please be more specific like the engine doesn't turn over no matter what i do.

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    It doesn't turn over at all. Start & kill switches seem to be ok with Meter test. Removed solenoid and it clicks when actuator wire is connected to 12 volts. Replaced with new solenoid anyway. Closed circuit on solenoid with a screwdriver and starter did turn over.

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    If you can get the solenoid to work outside the E box and the starter is working properly then it sounds like a ground problem to the solenoid or E box. Another thing it could be is not enough voltage going to the start wire to the solenoid. The things you need to check is corroded wiring both grounds and plug connections.

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    Where is the ground? Today, I went out and it turned over fine. But did that before and then suddenly died. TO clarify, it seems as though all the power shuts off so it cannot try to start (crank). I don't think it is a starter or ignition issue, but something is cause it go totally powerless. Thanks for your help.

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