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Thread: Carb problems

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    Carb problems

    First time user here on this forum looks very interesting and helpful.

    My ski has carb problems I have to try to start it with choke on then turn it off then full throttle and it starts but you have to hold it full throttle until it planes out which is about 5mins. Depending on the weight of the person I have been told by the previous owner the carbs was rebuilt and the guy re jetted it I'm at a lost. I turn the fuel switch off and it try's to take off right then runs out of gas. Could it be flooding it self out

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    NEVER believe the previous owner that the carbs where rebuilt , you are going to want to rebuild them again, also what type of Ski in this? no matter the type ski if it has original fuel lines, they need to be replaced. check out my signature link courtsey of K447 for general maint.

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