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    1996 GTX "12v low" but not starting or anything!!

    The boat ran great last fall so I winterized it and put it in my garage. I pulled it out today (never have time to ride it) and put a new battery in which tested around 12.8 volts. I put the key on and nothing happens. No click, no turns, nothing. Maybe the DESS post is bad which happened to my other ski last summer. It works great since I replaced it so I plug it on and try the key, same story. Key turns the gauges on but when I click the start button it reads "12v low." I'm trying to sell the boat before winter hits. Any suggestions? Have never had a problem with the boat in the past.

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    Make sure your wires on the battery are clean and not rusted. Make sure you connected the little black wire to the black terminal on the battery. Also make sure your battery is really 12.8 volts. Also check the grey connector on the front of the motor to make sure it is tight, or it won't start. Did you hear a click from the starter?

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    I had the same issue recently with one of my GTXs, ran it all day the day before and the next it would say 12v low and would only click when you tried to start it, even had 2 known to be good batteries hooked up in series and it still said 12v low. It ended up being the starter its self. The bushings were worn to the braided copper wires.

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