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    an idiot looking for a time machine

    So I'm new to painting and I spent the last 2 days (saturday and sunday) prepping and painting my ski. Long story short, I forgot to add clearcoat and now my time at the paint booth is over and my ski is sitting garage...luckily it's not raining. In any case, the paint has dried to a rough and sandy surface and I don't know what to do now. Do I get some high grit sandpaper and wet sand it? Will that work with no clear coat? Can I still add clear coat or is it too late? Any tips or tricks or products for this kinda thing?
    All the threads I've read are steps I should've taken when painting...but they don't explain what to do when you screw up.

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    I know this is over a month old so I don't know what you did but adding clear after the appropriate "flash" time will just create a situation where the clear will peel off. Technically, the clear is supposed to chemically bond to the basecoat and it needs to be "drying" at the time clear is applied so they both can dry as a single layer. While you probably don't want to hear it, you will need to lightly sand with 600 grit wet or dry and, apply a new coat of base color and then clear as per instructions. Hope it works out.

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