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    2012 RXPX 260 50hr service

    Ski still under warranty.
    My owners manual just says , corrosion protection: lubricate.
    No mention of oil change or anything else.
    Can anyone explain what exactly needs lubrication with regards to corrosion protection?

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    The metal parts in the engine compartment.
    Only if your in salt water.
    If your cleaning your ski post ride you should be coating it with a anti corrosive solution if your in salt water..
    Doo says change your oil every 100 hrs I've always done in every 50..

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    Thanks for the info wotxxxsd. Yes I do ride in salt and engine is rinsed and lubed after every ride.
    Happy there is no need to take it to the dealer for a service at 50 then.
    Ill do next oil change at 75hrs.

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