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    GSX Limited 951 issue hesitation?...

    I have a 951 GSXL, that when you give it gas, it boggs down... Until you pull the choke out for a milisecond, and then back in. Then the ski takes off and rides normal, until you come to a dead stop, or shut the ski off... then you have to repeat the process.... ??? carb tuning?
    everything on these skiis has been taken off, cleaned, replaced, put back together... new carb kits... fuel lines. cleaned the rave valves... rebuilt the pumps...etc etc etc.....

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    Mine does the exact same thing. Ever figure out what the problem was?

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    Having to pull the choke means your carbs are lean. The choke is pulling more fuel in so that is why it magically runs.....So either your accelerator pump is not pumping, the accelerator nozzles are not squirting or your carbs are still dirty.

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    Is the ski completely stock? If no was jetting ever changed for said mod's? You can use a mirror to look down the carbs to see if the accelerator pump is working. The little brass barb should squirt gas out down the carb when you press the throttle.

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    I agree, either accel pump not working or low speed screws need opened up a bit.

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