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    Tow Rope wedged into hull at driveshaft

    1999 Kawasaki 1100 STX. Ran over a tow rope and somehow got wedged into the hull where the driveshaft comes out. Not sure if it is into the seals or not. Tried everything I could to pull it out, but it wont budge. Is there anything I can do besides pulling the motor and drive shaft to get it out? If I cut away as much rope as possible what damage could I cause if I continue to ride it? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks

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    Having never had a shaft out or a rope stuck in...all I can offer is logic. If the rope is into the seal, the worst that could happen is you can sink your ski.

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    You need too take the pump off before you bend the driveshaft or worse.

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    The first thing to do in that situation is remove the spark plugs. That will release the compression and allow you to spin the driveshaft easier.

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    I agree with david.. you will probably pull the thru hull off the hull..tons of vibration.

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    Thanks for the replys. Turboman, excuse my ignorance, but what is the thru hull? Is that the aluminum/metal sleeve around the drive shaft where it enters the hull? Removed the plugs, rotated the shaft but that rope wont budge. I have no idea what it could be hung up on. I'm going to pull the pump in the next day or two and see if I can pull the drive shaft back a bit and loosen the rope. Unfortunatly the drive shaft has a collar on the end of it, engine side, which wont allow me to pull it out the back of the boat. It has to come out thru the engine compartment, which means lifting the engine. If I do lift the engine does anyone know if it would need to be shimmed to get it back in line, or could I just drop it back in and bolt it up? Thanks

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    Thru hull I'd the aluminum peice that the drive shaft goes through. If you look from the engine bay you will see it is only glued to the hull.

    Pulling the pump will allow you more wiggle room to try and get it off. If you can't get it pulling the engine up enough will be the only option. With it wounded how it is your going to have to also remove the drive shaft coupler sincebthe shaft will never pull through that holder. While your there you might wanna replace it since its out. Wsm selles the coupler and bearings all together and ready to go for 120.

    To install no shims are needed unless they are there here's a step by step of how I align the coupler.

    Clean or replace the drive shaft holder apply ge silicon 2 to the coupler and loosely bolt in.
    Clean the drive shaft were the bearings and seal ride with scotch brite. Make sure no deep grooves from the seals. Install
    Drop the engine on the mounts and loosely install the bolts.
    Slide the drive shaft in the coupler on the crank and install the pump
    With plugs removed spin the engine over and verify the couplers lined up.
    No torque a mount and spin then torque the next mount. Untill you are finished.
    Now torque the drive shaft holder and look at the coupler again to make sure everything is lined up.

    Reinstall everything and give some time for the silicone to dry

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    You very likely popped the thru hull fitting off the hull. My 2000 STX 1100 DI sucked up a ski rope and while you could not physically see it loose it definitely leaked water. They are not fun to fix and the only way to make sure it is leak free is to completely remove it, clean all the old sealant off and reglue it down and seal it well. You have to pull the engine to do it, so fix it right once.

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    Id hit that with a heat gun to make the line contract a little, then pull it out by grabbing a few strands at a time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kwtony View Post
    Id hit that with a heat gun to make the line contract a little, then pull it out by grabbing a few strands at a time.
    + 1

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