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    Crazy hour meter!

    Well Ive been bad and neglected the ski. Today was the first day to ride it this year and I left the battery in since last season. So with that when I charged the battery and put it back in my hour meter said 530 hours when it only really has 62!!! I was mad and actually read about this on here. So the battery ended up being bad and I put a new one in. Today I took it out and while riding the display reset at some point and now my hour meter says..are you ready for this.....0! So at the end of todays first test ride for the late start season the ski now has .2 hours on it. What gives!?! Well I suppose .2 is better than 530 huh!

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    Arrow MFI display reads 533 hours, MFI or MFD hour counter resets to zero hours

    As you may have read, the MFI displays, and the MFD in general, do not like being connected to a dying battery.

    In the case of the MFI on Virage and Genesis, a common result of leaving an old battery connected during storage is that the display at some weak battery voltage becomes internally confused and the hour meter now reads 533 hours when a good battery is later connected.

    A related thing can happen when a fresh battery is being installed. If the battery cable is 'bounced' against the battery post when the cable connection is being made, the rapid on-off-on-off-on... electrical connection can upset the display as it is booting up, and often enough one of the results is that the hour meter resets itself to zero hours.

    One way to avoid either issue is to unplug the display connector on the back side of the display before (re)connecting a battery, and disconnect the display during extended storage.

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